Les équipes des antipodes

Andrew Nicholson - Nereo (owned by Libby Sellar) or Avebury (owned by Rosemary and Mark Barlow); 
Sir Mark Todd - Leonidas (owned by Peter Cattrell and Di Brunsden)
Tim Price - Wesko (owned by Christina Knudsen, Peter Vela, Lucy Sangster and Kate Watchman)
Jock Paget on Clifton Promise (owned by Frances Stead and Russell Hall)

Caroline Powell - Onwards and Upwards (owned by Cameron and Mary Crawford)
Lucy Jackson - Willy Do (owned by Mark, Gillian and Charlotte Greenlees)

Megan Heath - St Daniel.


Craig Barrett & Sandhills Brillaire

Nat Blundell & Algebra
Chris Burton & TS Jamaimo/Graf Liberty
Sam Griffiths & Paulank Brockagh
Andrew Hoy & Rutherglen
Sonja Johnson & Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison
Bill Levett & Shannondale Titan/Improvise
Kevin McNab & Clifton Pinot
Shane Rose & CP Qualified
Paul Tapner & Kilronan
Stuart Tinney & Pluto Mio

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