Jamais 2 sans 3


Andrew Nicholson et son fidèle Avebury ont remporté, avec la manière le CCI4* de Burghley. Déjà courir trois fois de suite la classique anglaise avec le même cheval est une perf. Alors s’imposer pour la troisième fois consécutive, c’est un exploit  jamais vu ! Quatrième du dressage ils ont réalisé le cross le plus rapide à seulement 14 secondes du maxi. Un sans-faute le lendemain et c’était la victoire devant son compatriote Jock Paget.

Andrew Nicholson riding Avebury: “I didn’t feel that cool during that I can tell you. He’s a good jumper, he’s been there and done it all, I don’t have to worry about him getting nervous with all the people I just have to keep calm and ride him like I normally ride him. It’s a big team effort when you have a horse like this who has now won this three times in a row, they’re as passionate as I am that he does well. For me, I’ve had a very bad year this year, I threw away Badminton on Nereo, and I shouldn’t have fallen off when I did. The World Equestrian Games, I was ninth when I wanted to get a medal so I’ve been putting quite a lot of pressure on him to win here. Hopefully I will be able to go to Kentucky and go for the Rolex Grand Slam but I am a little light on horses at the moment, so we will assess in February and see how we are going."

1. Andrew Nicholson / Avebury (NZL) 48.1
2. Jonathan Paget / Clifton Promise (NZL) 55.2
3. Sam Griffiths / Happy Times (AUS) 57.8

4. William Fox-Pitt / Bay My Hero (GBR) 60.3
5. Gemma Tattersall / Arctic Soul (GBR) 64.2
6. Bill Levett / Improvise (AUS) 65.9
7. Izzy Taylor / Kbis Briarlands Matilda (GBR) 67.5
8. Oliver Townend / Armada (GBR) 71.1
9. Jonelle Price / The Deputy (NZL) 71.1
10. Murray Lamperd / Under The Clocks (AUS) 79.0