La longue liste allemande... et quelques autres


La short liste sera dévoilée après Aix où tous seront à part Rocnana

Sandra Auffarth and Opgun Louvo
Andres Dibowski and Butt’s Avedon
Bettina Hoy and Designer
Michael Jung and La Biosthetique Sam, fischerRocana
Ingrid Klimke and Escada, Horseware’s Hale Bob
Andreas Ostholt and So is et
Dirk Schrade and Hop and Skip
Peter Thomsen and Horseware’s Barny, Horseware’s Cayenne

Hawley Bennett-Awad / Langley, BC / Gin & Juice, 2000 brown, American Thoroughbred / Rider & Linda Paine
Selena O’Hanlon / Kingston, ON / Foxwood High, 2003 bay, Canadian Sport Horse gelding / John & Judy Rumble
Jessica Phoenix / Cannington, ON / A Little Romance, 2005 dark bay, Canadian TB /Trakehner mare / Donald Leschie
Kathryn Robinson / Kettering, GBR / Let it Bee, 2001, black German bred, gelding / Rider
Clare Abbott riding Euro Prince (owned by his breeder Cormac Mackay)

Aoife Clark riding Fenyas Elegance (owned by her breeder PJ Hegarty) or as a direct reserve horse Vaguely North (owned by the Duchess of Bedford and Jacqueline Norris)
Sarah Ennis riding Stellor Rebound (owned by Tom McGuinness, Nicky Potterton and the late Orla Ennis)
Joseph Murphy riding Electric Cruise (owned by Noel Good, Joseph’s fiancé Jill, A. O’Callaghan and Michelle Nelson)
Austin O’Connor riding Ringwood Mississippi (owned by Kate Jarvey)
Sam Watson riding Horseware Bushman (owned by Tom MacGuinness and Sam’s parents John and Julia)

Gabriel Cury, Gustavo Pagoto, Marcelo Tosi, Marcio Jorge e Ruy Fonseca